Sunday, 25 March 2012

FiT FoE Victory!

The Supreme Court has ruled the government may not appeal against rulings - from the High Court and Court of Appeal - that its plans to rush through sudden cuts to solar tariff payments are illegal.

The Govt actually took as long as it possibly could to lodge its papers - 27 out of the 28 days allowed - FoE think this was deliberate to continue the level of uncertainty for industry and to slow the number of installations taking place.

Please respond to the DECC consultation on the future of FiTs - Phase 2 - the Comprehensive Review - 2A on Solar PV Cost Control - before 3rd April

The key issue re the six monthly review is that the Govt must include an "under-deployment trigger" as well as their proposed "over-deployment trigger" this would mean that if the number of installations slows and isn't happening at the level the Govt expects (i.e. to deliver at least 22GW of solar by the end of the decade) that FiTs rates would then increase to encourage more installation - at the moment they have only developed a scenario for if too much solar is deployed and a mechanism to lower FiTs rates to slow down deployment.

See FoE briefing document
- and look for updates next week!

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