Thursday, 15 March 2012

20s Plenty Petition

We are petitioning Reading Council to have the Kings rd in Reading have a 20mph speed limit from Reading college down to the second set of traffic lights, this should include the bus lane also.

Numerous accidents occur on this very dangerous road and recently a 12 year old child lost his life



You Greens are so damn radical.

Most people knocked over on the roads is natural selection.

Why should industry and life for the majority be slowed down on a busy road (operative word - road) just because careless people don't stop, look and listen?

Adrian Windisch said...

you sound like a fan of Sparta; children were tested, many died the strongest survived

Didnt seem to do them much good in the long run though.

howard thomas said...

This sort of campaign is just a bit premature so soon after this tradegy when there is an ongoing police investigation and the cause is not yet established!
A 20mph limit is of very limited value with regard so accident occurance.
A much more sensible solution might be to raise the crossing so that it becomes a sort of speed bump which would slow the traffic , but at the crossing only.
It might be better to campaign to RBC to get out of order crossings made into a priority issue and treated as emergencies !