Thursday, 16 February 2012

Readings Budget

The Green administration in Brighton have set a budget increasing by 3.5%, this increase would be less than inflation has been.

In Reading Greens have said we would like a similar budget and have immediately come under fire from Lib Dem and Labour.

But 26 councils have so far followed Brightons lead with similar budgets, including Labour and Tory! And they call us dishonest!

Brighton & Hove City Council Grn 3.50%
Chesterfield BC Lab 3.50%
Darlington BC Lab 3.50%
Leicester City Council Lab 3.50%
Middlesbrough Council Lab 3.50%
Preston City Council Lab 3.50%
Redcar & Cleveland BC Lab 3.50%
Stockton-on-Tees BC Lab 3.50%
Barrow BC Lab 3.49%
North Dorset DC Con 3.49%
Stoke-on-Trent City Council Lab 3.49%
Gravesham Borough Council Lab 3.48%
Dover DC Con 3.45%
Taunton Deane BC Con 3.45%
Luton BC Lab 3.44%
Gedling BC Lab 3.40%
Nottingham City Council Lab 3.40%
Tunbridge Wells BC Con 3.30%
Scarborough BC Con/Lib/Ind 3.00%
Surrey CC Con 2.99%
Cambridgeshire CC Con 2.95%
East Cambridgeshire DC Con 2.95%
Peterborough City Council Con 2.95%
York City Council Lab 2.90%
South Hams DC Con 2.50%
West Devon BC Con 2.50%
Chelmsford BC Con 2.46%



Am i right in thinking that Council Tax benefits/rebates are paid to those who cannot afford it?

That being the case, can we assume that it could be argued that the Council Tax is too high for them?

That being the case, isn't a 3.5% increase solely aimed at people not on benefits for the benefit of people on benefits?

That being the case - isn't this communism by another name?

Adrian Windisch said...

Comunism would be all property is theft i think. Perhaps you mean socialism, where those in need are looked after. Read Dickens for the victorian alternative, the poorhouse for those out of work or after the main earner in the house dies


Are all Green policies based upon Dickens?

Adrian Windisch said...

He is a very influential author but not quite that much.
I wonder how much othet parties are so influenced, alice in wonderland springs to mind