Monday, 30 January 2012

Shinfield Road Saga Continues

The disaster at Shinfield Road continues to frustrate motorists and residents.

This weeks paper is full of Tories complaining about how terrible it is. They hope we forget their own part in the saga.
It was a Labour sheme implemented under a ConsLD coalition administration. They broke every promise. Tories said they would replace lights with a roundabout, this was the opposite. LD said they supported cycle paths but none were built.

On this and other issues the three big parties are just the same, time for a change. Get people out of cars and in sustainable transport, buses, cycling and walking.


howard thomas said...

If the Tories had bothered to read the contract instead of being 'told' ,presumably by Mrs Baxter, that it would cost a fortune to cancel, they would have known that there was no such clause in the contract and therefore they could have cancelled this project and saved all this bother. They should learn that they cannot trust Page and his cronies , Baxter included.
It might be worth noting that the reason that people continue to use their cars is because they either want to or need to !

Adrian Windisch said...

Good points Howard. I would encourage peoplenot to use cars by havin better cheaper public transport, better cycle paths and facilities such as secure parking. Other countries do it why not us.