Saturday, 21 January 2012

Berkshire Greenpeace Campaign Against AWE

Berkshire Greenpeace are campaigning against an application to West Berkshire District Council by the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston to build new research facilities. We've been here before and the council usually ignore hundreds of objections, in fact we suspect they put them straight in the shredder. We've build a state of the art objection disposal contraption to save them the trouble.

More details and information on how to get involved at

No say in atomic weapons development from Berkshire Greenpeace on Vimeo.



Hello Adrian

Assuming that Britain actually has had atomic weapons and that they need to be dismantled - what is your alternative suggestion to a new facility at the existing AWE site?

Adrian Windisch said...

Its easy to find that we do have nuclear weapons, and that they are worked on at AWE just outside Reading. see

I have a suggestion for the use of AWE but I am open to other peoples ideas. I would use AWE as a scientific research site as thats largely hapening now, but not researching nuclear bombs but something useful like renewables or emissions reducing strategy.

If the ground contamination could be sorted it could even be a university campus. And in the process we could become world leaders in resuing nuke sites.


I didn't put my question very well. If we don't reverse engineer the atomic weapons at AWE they'd have to be treated somewhere else.

I realise that Portsmouth would be favourite as nobody would miss it in case of an accident but where else could it be done?

Adrian Windisch said...

They probably should have built the original facility nearer the sub base to reduce transporting nukes across the country past most uk cites.

We dont need cold war records anymore so after dismantling I would find a better use for the people and facilities