Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bad Joke

Why is ok to call for executing strikers yet joke about a riot on facebook and get prison. Jeremy Clarkson was probably joking, but many were offended yet nothing is done.

A double standard seems to operate, in this and in many things. Instead of jail for fraud many MPs were let off with nothing.


howard thomas said...

Jeremy Clarkson was clearly joking.Sure some people may not find it funny , but if you watch the preceeding part of the interview he said it was wonderful that people were on strike because there was less traffic on the streets and therefore he could drive faster today!
BUT , then in a mickey taking snipe at the BBC he said he had to balance the argument and there fore the strikers should be taken outside and shot in front of their families.
The guy is boosting his 'couldn't give a damn' image at the expense of those suffering from a sense of humour failure.
Locking people up for incitement to riot is a clear statement from the authorities that 'you shall not riot' ! This is called a deterrent so that people will not do it again. Do something that attacks the state or monied folk and beware the consequences!
How many times do you read about someone who has beaten a person to within an inch of their life and left them with permanent disability and they get a very light sentence , and yet steal money from someone who may not even have missed it because they have so much and god help you.
And yes there are a lot of MPs and ex MPs who should have gone to jail with the few that did get sacrified to the court system,
Jaqui Smith being a very clear example that springs to mind!

Adrian Windisch said...

How do you know the facebook comment was a joke or Clarkson wasnt inciting murder. seems quite similar to me.

I hope the judge was fair, and not using this in response to tabloids. Justice should be the same for all.

howard thomas said...

Do you honestly think Clarkson was inciting murder !!!

Adrian Windisch said...

I already said he was probably joking, as was the facebooker. Why the double standard. If you want to make an example to stop others repeating then both should do about the same time in prison.