Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Poorest councils will face biggest cuts

Deprived inner-city areas of London and large cities in the north are facing the most drastic reductions of up to 8.9% this year alone, with the shires and county councils relatively protected by their burgeoning council tax revenue. The Local Government Association labelled the cuts the "toughest in living memory".


Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Manchester, Rochdale, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Doncaster and South Tyneside are among the 36 local authorities that take the maximum cut of 8.9%.

Meanwhile Dorset gets a 0.25% increase in funding and Windsor and Maidenhead, Poole, West Sussex, Wokingham, Richmond upon Thames and Buckinghamshire all get cuts of 1% or below.

Cant have anything to do with which Party runs whitch council no can it.
Its time for a change.


weggis said...

Of course it could be a realignment after 13 years of bias the other way?

Do you know otherwise?

howard thomas said...

Thats an interesting possibility Weggis.
I thought there was a formula for the grants to the authorities based on things like how many school places needed , how many miles of roads to maintain , how many people needing care etc,etc.
But no doubt these figures can be calculated somewhat differently depending on who is pushing the buttons !