Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pensions Are Worth Fighting For

The governments economic policies are not working, so time for plan B. Instead of a plan for a low carbon future Osbourne wants millions unemployed while building roads causing our emissions to increase. Those out of work will need support while the tax take spirals down.

The wealthiest 1% continue to avoid paying tax while the govern ment hits the poorest paid hard. Less pensions for more work, many will have no retirement but work till they die. And with cuts to health and safety more will die particularly in construction.     

it seems every promise made by the tories is broken, we are no nearer paying off the debt while their greenest government ever boast is a bad joke.

Time for people to wake up to whats hapening. Espesially the LD who continue to talk about prigressive politics while propping up the heirs of Thatcher. Time for a change.  

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howard thomas said...

I too think this governement are a bunch of fools.
However I think it is wise to look at the basics. Private sector makes the money and the public sector spends the money. When governments don't have enough money they borrow it and someone else can pay back later.
Small government is cheaper and although we obviously must pay for the services that we expect, governments should not waste our money on unneccessary red tape.
I believe that the interest on the national debt is circa £120million per day(half of a new hospital) ,the cost of our EU membership is £50million a day, housing benefit costs the country over £20billion a year and yes it is quite absurd that the richest 1% pay hardly any tax.
The manufacturing base of the UK is far too low and all effort should be made to encourage the creation of wealth in the private manufacturing sector, and yes, this could and should include green products that are almost always imported along with trains and so on and so on. Agree or disagree with wind turbines and solar PV , its made abroad , creating employment and taxed profit in far away lands. Even the mounting systems for the PV panels are made in Germany.
There is much that could be done to improve things , but we lack the leadership in this country to seek out the real solutions.