Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sadam Husein and Colonel Gaddafi

I dont often, but found this quote from Stop The War is interesting. Most commentators seem to think the killing of foriegn leaders they dont like is a good thing. Many even support the war in Libya. I remain suspicious.

As with the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, it will be described as a turning point and a further victory in the seemingly endless 'war on terror'.

There is little reason for the triumphalism. Nato's war on Libya was not a humanitarian intervention' but a war for regime change -- illegal under international law. It was about the western powers attempting to regain control of the region in the face of the Arab uprisings across the Middle East.

Yet despite its overthrow of the regime in Libya imperialism faces many problems in the region.

"Gaddafi was a tyrant, he was always warning Arab rulers they were next and what happened to Saddam will happen to them, but his forecast came true with his own death," Ali al-Dabbagh, a spokesman of the Iraqi government told Reuters.

I would like a bit more constistency, why intervene in Iraq and Libya but not Zimbabwe. If its based on human rights why not China or Saudi Arabia? Many are suspicious of a link to oil. Or arms sales.

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