Friday, 14 October 2011

Arrogance Of Power

Today Oliver Letwin MP is shown throwing constituents correspondense in the bin in a park. On 5 occasions. Voters should be able to recall him and kick him out.

Meanwhile more secrets leak out about the dodgy characters surrounding the Defence secretary, if he had any consience he would have resigned by now.

Locally last night Labour members displayed their own arrogance. Blocking in other cars as they were too lazy or just didnt care enough. Reminds me of the Labour Cllr who abused his civic centre parking privilege and left his car there for months. At our expense.

Most politicians start wanting to help people, once in power it seems to go to their heads and their sence of self importance rises.   
Meanwhile they are closing down libraries, one opened by Mark Twain. Frozen public sector pensions for two years, cut the benefits to those who need it most.

We're not all in this together.  

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