Friday, 7 October 2011

10 Years of War Achieves Nothing

We have been in a state of war for a decade, many people have died but nothing was gained. This war has lasted about as long as every other conflict involving the uk for the last century put together, but we are no closer to seeing our troops coming home.

Remember when it started, we were told thay shots would not be fired, that troops would be home by xmas. well weve heard all that before.

Does anyone in authority care how much the war has cost, both in lives and cash. Meanwhile they cut spending on everything; health, defence, even on the police. Total allied toll; 2,753 soldiers' lives and a cost of £258billion. No one seems to count the deaths of innocent civilians. Even the Mail has woken up to this. (Updated)

Aside from arms sales who benefits from this war, we are all loosers. We are all in this together.

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