Monday, 26 September 2011

Tom Clancy Predicted 9/11

After 9/11 there were many conspiracy theories. I don't recall any mention if this book however.

Its chilling to read about a plane deliberately crashed into Washington DC killing hundreds including most of the senate and the president. Its a Japanese pilot in this case but the book is about an Iranian plot to take over Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi. Theres a muslim agent in the secret service, and others spreading the ebola virus around the states; hoping to destabilise the USA.

Tom Clancy's, 1994 novel 'Debt of Honor' has a jumbo jet being crashed intentionally into Capitol Hill, killing most of the top functionaries in U.S. government. The follow up novel 'Executive Orders' (1996) starts just after this crash.

I suppose there are so many disasters predicted in novels and film it may be just a coincidence; but I think Clancy should get some credit. Of course its also possible that he gave the idea to terrorists. Interesting that he chose the Capitol building for the plane to crash into, I'm still not sure why the World Trade Centre was seen as such an important target.

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