Sunday, 4 September 2011

Road To Corruption

As usual, all Reading councillors have been offered two free tickets worth £360 for Reading Festival, but Green councillor Rob White says this practice must end. It may start small but coruption is coruption, Cllrs start looking for freebies to 'help' them make descions; where does it end.

Newly reinstated LibDem Cllr Warreb Swaine attempts to defend grabbing the free tickets by suggesting he needs to 'monitor the festival' from inside, clearly getting to listen to some of the UKs top bands almost for free has nothing to do with it. Its this expectation of priveledge that offended people about politicians over the recent expenses scandal. They think different rules apply to them, but they are wrong.

Festival organisers say councillors who claimed weekend tickets, worth over £180 each, had to donate £30 to charity.

Apparently some directors of Reading Buses get free bus passes.

Cllrs are said to get to park their cars in the centre of town for free, most will only use this as a way to get to council meetings, which would be fair enough. One Cllr left his car in this car park for months, thats the slippery slope of coruption.

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