Saturday, 24 September 2011

Farm Shops

Its always interesting to find some new farm shops, so today for the first time a link to John Howarths blog as he has links to some I hadnt known about.

Here is my own post about farm shops from some time ago.

He starts with Wellington farm shop, in my view overpriced. Theres another one nearby (2 miles) but it seems little known The Organic Farm Shop, Holdshott Farm, Reading Road, Heckfield, Hook, Hampshire RG27 0JZ, 0118 932 6650

He then lists:
crazybear Stadhampton, Oxfordshire
fielders farm shop Theale
vicars game Ashampstead RG8 8SJ
Grays Farm and pick your own farm, Wokingham RG40 3AN


Adrian Windisch said...

Comment by Steve that I accidentally deleted, sorry

"How come Tescos are apparently screwing farmers yet once the farmers have a farm shop to sell direct to the public, the price goes up?

Allotment and Tescos for me then."

Not every farm shop is expensive, not every farmer does the same thing.

Steve said...

The farm shops near me are much more expensive (pandering to the middle classes)and they're the ones that matter to me.

weggis said...


Haggle! It works.