Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Curfew Against Disabled Drivers

A Disabled driver contacted me about the parking restrictions now in place in Reading town centre.

The times they are alowed to park are so restricive that they feel that they are under a curfew.

Here is a link to their petition, please sign it.

The Reading Access Forum denies proper consultation ever happened as RBC was unable to give them details of where the disabled bays were to be and there was no indication that there would be time restrictions.

There have been several articles about this in the Local media

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Which shows quite clearly what areas of the town can not be accessed by walking disabled or those in self propelling wheelchairs that can not manage long distances. Outside the hours of 11am to 4pm and and aftter 7pm anything in the area surrounded by red arrows is a no go zone. Even during the core hours much of it is not accessible because the bays are not appropriately spaced/placed.

In addition, right at the start of the scheme the Taxi drivers went on a go slow and a load of disabled parking bays in Friar Street mysteriously became taxi bays over night after a meeting with RBC.

Gary served 9 years in the RAF as a front line aircraft engineer after losing a leg a below the knee. He is now a blue bade holder but is determined to continue to walk the short distances he is capable of. He is just one of the many people affected by this situation.

Both he and I feel that we are being told to get into electric wheelchairs because we are inconvenient and don't fit into any of the nice neat solution boxes. All we want is to be able to maintain our independence as much as possible and to be as much a part of society as we can. Instead we are being marginalised and excluded.

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