Saturday, 30 July 2011

Parties Imploding

Locally the Tories seem to be imploding, as they have deselected a sitting Cllr who was suffering from Cancer. Many see this as an part of a leadership challenge on Cllr Andrew Cumpsty. Cllr Chowdhary, who is in his fourth year as a councillor, said he felt humiliated but will remain loyal to the party and serve out his term. "I feel I am just in the wrong place at the wrong time because I am up for selection. My heart is broken.
"Conservative Central headquarters is aware of the situation and are taking this rather seriously, with a possible investigation."

Nationally the BNP seem unable to submit their accounts.

After the recent Lib Dem colapse its hard to believe they will recover, they are still associated with too many broken promises and supporting an increasingly failing Tory led coalition. Reading some LD bloggers you would think they were flying high, I wonder when they will update their bar charts from the 2010 local elections with results from 2011 where they were firmly rejected by voters.

Meanwhile local ex Lib Dem Cllr Warren Swaine who had been suspended by his party because of a possibly racist tweet says he is "really pleased" to have been reinstated. he has been ordered to undertake diversity training. He claims "The thing I am pleased about is that I proved beyond doubt that there was no racist intent behind my comment." Only Warren knows what his intent was, but many people have complained about the language used, lets hope he learns a lesson. His blog and website are mostly used to spread nasty fictions about local people, his colleague Kirsten Bayes has also started down this dangerous path.

Hard to be taken seriously when blog posts are invented, as Nadine Dorries found.

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