Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Least Green Government Ever?

The government adviser in charge of overhauling the school syllabus in England has recommended that climate change should not be included in the national curriculum.

Dont brush climate change under the carpet, take action with

Email sent to: Mr Tim Oates & Rt Hon Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove

I am a concerned parent who is shocked that you are considering brushing under the carpet the biggest threat to the people on our planet. The most at risk are the the poorest but we are far from future proof.

I am deeply disturbed to learn that you are recommending to the government that climate change no longer be taught through the national curriculum. It is absolutely crucial that young people be taught how human activity and natural processes can lead to changes in the environment and about ways in which living things and the environment need to be protected.

Without knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change, how can we expect young people to be ready to deal with the impacts and help find the solutions to climate change that will play such a huge role in their futures?

Climate change is widely accepted as the biggest threat facing our planet and billions of people on it. Given the government's commitment to being "the greenest government ever" it would be shameful and tragic for the UK to actively undermine the central opportunities that our young people have through the curriculum to explore the much-needed climate solutions of renewable energy, recycling and sustainable resource management.

I urge you to reconsider your dangerous recommendation,

Yours sincerely,


howard thomas said...

Have you read this week about the mini ice age that may be coming our way...........I don't believe in that either !

howard thomas said...

Have you read this week about the possibility of a mini ice age coming some time soon............. I don't believe that either !

Adrian Windisch said...

Read it twice today thanks to you Howard. Looking forward to some peer reviewed science, rather headlines in the right wing press.

howard thomas said...

To be quite honest Adrian I didn't read it all, but got the gist that because the solar activity was going to be ( or maybe is) lower, then we might be expecting a mini 'ice age'. Strange ,but I remember a similar headline in the 70's and that didn't happen either, and then there was the summer of 76! I must admit I don't follow this 'right wing' bit......its just press generating a headline I suspect.
But then again I don't believe the global warming bit either as you know. Remember the announcement from the IPCC that they weren't going to exagerate any more stories in the future! What does that say for what they have said in the past?

Adrian Windisch said...

When glaciers melt the sea levels rise. Couldnt find the prediction you mention, perhaps a tabloid made it up. They often do.

Many people in London, norfolk, holland, new york and eksewhere will be homeless when sea level rises. But as you wont read any peer reviewed science you will continue to remain in ignorance. Shame really.

howard thomas said...

Glaciers melting........could they be the Himalayan glaciers that were going to disappear in not many years?.........and the IPCC admitted to using a report from some obscure magazine and publicised it!
To be quite honest Adrian , I am much more interested in alternative fuels and energy sources than I am in trawling through stuff that I don't believe anyway, though I might take a look ,just for you. What do you think about Jatropha oil ?

Adrian Windisch said...

As I recall it was a few lines in the IPCC that report containing hundreds of pages. I think every report contains the occasional error, even if its a typo. Also things chnge as research goes on.

As you have yet to demonstrate anything I suggest you dont cast stones at scientists who do.

Not sure about, seems too early to tell if its any use. I prefer food to fuel, its the poorest people on the planet who get hit and face starvation for us to continue driving inefficient cars.