Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tesco Sinks Town

My first big campaign was to try and stop Battle Hospital being converted into a Tesco. As strange as it seems it is true, and it was done by a Labour administration. They closed a Hospital and allowed a Tesco to kill off many local shops.

Now this was 2007, and you can ask whats the relevance. But one of the Cllrs that helped this happen, Chris Maskell, now thanks Tesco, and tells us its his favourite grocer!

Do they pay him for all this free publicity? Probably not, as he goes on to very mildly criticize them for wanting to wake local residents up early in the morning with deliveries. He wants tesco to be more a part of the local community, what little is left after they took over parts of the town that is.

In Bristol there was a tesco riot, but most people just seem to let them take over areas in a submissive sheep-like posture. In the ward where the riot happened the Greens won a seat in the elections last week. Tesco has met with newly-elected Green Party councillor, Gus Hoyt, to discuss the recent unrest in the Stokes Croft area of the city. Mr Hoyt said he would be calling for an independent inquiry into the cause of the protests before the shop reopens.

In Reading in 2007 all the politicians from the three big parties supported the ghastly Battle Tesco, only now is there some concern at there size and power. Is time to break up there empire, let our towns get some vitality back. Competition among shops is fine but the size of one competitior allows them to dominate.

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