Sunday, 17 April 2011

Confused Newsletters

Last week I wrote about counfused websites. Some local politicians have tried to present themselves just before an election as campaigning for an issue, when actually they may not have in the past. Today I am looking at newsletters. I am a candidate in the local elections in Bulmersh and Whitegates, but this year I have not done my own, just this blog.

Starting with the LD, they offer a choice; they are 'working for you' while the Tories will 'cut services and increase charges'. Which will be a surprise to people who have seen LD support Tory cuts elsewhere, not to mention the fact that there are two other choices in this election (including me) that are not mentioned. If you read the fine print that admit they are comparing LD Town Council with Conservative borough council policies. Hmmm. They also claim the LD are cleaner greener and safer, I'm yet to be convinced that the party is greener than the Tories, though some individuals are. If people think thats all the choice there is no wonder they feel disenfranchised.

Next, yet another LD leaflet. It has a bar chart, and guess what, the Greens are not mentioned, clealry scared of us. So much for the claim to be 'community news'. I look forward to seeing who is giving them all this money to shower us in leaflets. They highlight the money lost to Iceland, not mentioning the LD councils that lost money to Iceland apparently like West Lindsey District Council and Somerset and Grimsby. Oops.

The Woodley COnservatives has a leaflet here, that says they are investing millions into Woodley, no mention of cuts at all. They have a go at the LD town council as making a loss though.

Labour have two leaflets, heavily featuring their candidate Kyriakos Flakkas. The local Woodley and Whitegates Banner has the headline dont let them break the NHS. Perhaps Labour see it as their job to privatise it.

The Woodley Baner headline is 'standing up to the Tories', it contains a short biography of Kyriakos Flakkas. It tells us he lived in Manchester, Bristol and London, which won't be of much interest to local people.

Few of these leaflets have anything positive to say, mostly focused on being mean to the Tories! I would like to know what alternative they have to offer,


Gareth Epps said...

Adrian, as you got fewer than a tenth of the votes of either the Liberal Democrat or Conservative candidates in Bulmershe, I suspect that a Green line wouldn't have registered!

It is obvious that contests in Woodley remain between the Lib Dems and Tories, as the key stage 1 Labour leaflet, referring not to issues that the authorities in this election can do anything about, proves.

Adrian Windisch said...

As i said, to not show a party is admitting your scared of them. Considering recent events it seems likely the lsb and green votes will increase.

Its simply dishonest to say there are only two choices when there are 4. I am not suggesting that I am likely to win but its for voters to say, not you or me.

Youve avoided my other points about negativety, shame as I always hope for better.

Gareth Epps said...

No, to not show insignificant parties (as I say, you polled fewer than 10% of the Liberal Democrat vote or the Conservative vote in your ward, came fifth and didn't poll enough votes to make any difference to the result) reflects your insignificance in Bulmershe and Whitegates.

Your admission that you don't stand a chance to win rather makes my point for me.

Adrian Windisch said...

Gareth is this really you? Would a senior cllr get things so wrong, and be so rude about it? Perhaps you really are scared of us.