Friday, 18 March 2011

Wind Keeps Lights On In Japan

In Japan while nuclear has put lives at risk, Wind power has survived earthquake and tsunami.

Japanese wind officials have been discussing the stability of the electrical grid during the crisis. They reported that ALL the wind turbines survived the earthquake, even the offshore turbines in the nearest the earthquake epicenter. In some regions of Japan, this has saved the day, as power utilities have been struggling to meet basic energy demand in the wake of the Fukushima
nuclear reactor breakdown.

As the world collectively holds its breath to see how the Fukushima crisis plays out, there's a positive story that is not yet being reported.

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My views about wind turbines have certainly changed since the publication of the statistics pertaining to the Green Park turbine.

No land based turbine should be allowed to receive more than £100'000 of subsidies per annum - this would stop the application for turbine erection in areas where the power generation would not exceed the subsidy.

I am however still a keen supporter of the concept.

My sympathies go out to Japan.