Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Up In Arms

The UK has sold tear gas, crowd control ammunition and fire arms to Bahrain and Libya in the last year. Despite our government saying 'what we supply is not being used for internal repression'. UK weapons are being used against civilians in Libya, the Government was promoting more weapons sales in the Middle East. This is Not OK.

The UK government support for the arms trade includes providing subsidies to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds, which means that far from benefiting financially from the arms trade, the UK taxpayer is shelling out to finance it.

Meanwhile Cameron is turning our defense services into an international joke:
* Aircraft carriers with no aircraft.
* The reputation of the SAS ruined in a day
* We are at war in Afghanistan for no apparent reason
* And a Cold war weapons systems getting all the money, scrap Trident

Meanwhile the defence minister Gerald Howarth MP is a car crash of an MP. My prediction is he will be first to go.

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