Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Redwood In Denial

Local Wokingham MP John Redwood has written a blog post against the governments carbon plan. Read it here.

I am against the carbon plan as it is not ambitious enough. Redwood seems to be in denial over climate change, he would rather it wasn't happening. His evidence is some recent cold weather in the UK, ignoring average global temperatures.
"Selling global warming antidotes is made more difficult by the succession of two cool wet summers and two cold snowy winters. I appreciate the theorists will write in and tell me this is just weather, but we have had a lot of weather recently."

To be fair he ends on a more positive note.
"I am all in favour of better deals to make it worthwhile for people to save energy. I am also strongly in favour of getting on with putting in the extra and replacement electricity capacity we need, and with making the Uk more energy self sufficient in a politically unstable world."

But isn't it time we had MPs who are not in denial over science.

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