Saturday, 26 March 2011

Protest March Coverage

A Global Warming denier is calling for the murder of protesters, while the media is focusing on a few instances of violence.

Many thousands of people march peacefully, that is largely ignored. A right wing journalist calls for bombing the marchers, that is ignored. A small number of people throw some paint at a shop, that gets the medias attention.

There has only been one arrest by 3pm. The media report a carnival atmosphere.

Indymedia say "March 26 looks set to be the biggest street mobilisation in Britain since the anti-war march of 2003."

The Trades Union Congress says more than 500,000 to 250,000 people have joined the march, more than it had expected, but police are not estimating numbers.

BBC say the atmosphere is largely "good natured and friendly", with isolated scuffles in the West End.

Sky report the Met Police said there had been "two significant incidents of violence towards property and police away from the march". Light bulbs filled with ammonia and paint bombs were thrown in Oxford Street, police said.

Independent say representatives from Liberty will monitor policing both on the ground and from Metropolitan Police headquarters. The group UK Uncut is targeting banks and shops in Oxford Street and plans a "mass occupation of a top-secret target". Other activists are said to be planning to stop traffic with "flash mobs".

The Conservative MP Greg Hands said: "Mr Miliband and Mr Barber have a duty to ensure their march does not become a focus for disorder and law-breaking." While the bombs fall on innocents in Lybia.

The Telegraph talks about 'black bloc' anarchists.

Around 50 Gurkhas have joined the demonstration in support of legal aid.
Ragprasad Purja, 44, a Gurkha from Nepal who now lives in Morden, south London, said: "The Gurkhas have fought for this country for 200 years. The cuts to legal aid and benefits will affect many of us. We want to stop them."

Guardian says Hundreds of anti cuts and tax avoidance protesters closed down more than 13 shops on Oxford Street - with many more shutting their doors. Less than 0.25 percent of today's anti-cuts march is involved in the violence, which dominates the coverage.

They say every time the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, stepped out of doors it cost police £2m to protect him. He said:
"We cannot afford that any more - if you were to go on a national tour we'd be bankrupt."


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