Friday, 4 March 2011

George Goes Green is a project aiming to make St George Church, at Wash Common Newbury, one of the first carbon neutral churches in Britain.

The Rev Paul Cowan (St George the Martyr), congregation member and former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, were present at the church to switch on the 129 photovoltaic (PV) panels, which were installed by Solaris Developments.

The panels will provide approximately 25 kilowatts of peak output, allowing the church to serve its own power needs and also generate income by selling the surplus to the national grid.

Reverend Cowan explained that the eco-project, the estimated £900,000 final cost of which will be funded by grants, donations and community fundraising projects.

Phase one of George Goes Green, which also includes reinforcing the building's roof structure and increasing insulation in ceilings, is expected to be completed by May this year.

Future stages of the project include the purchase of a ground source heat pump and creating a thermal lobby at the building's main entrance.

To make a donation or for details, visit or search 'St George the Martyr' on

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Respect is due to this project. Advances in PV have made our sun 'unblessed' country more suitable for this form of renewable energy generation and 10/10 to this application.