Tuesday, 1 March 2011

AWE Hydrus cancelled

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that 'Project Hydrus' at AWE Aldermaston, has been cancelled.

In response to a Parliamentary Question by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, stated that construction activities for the Hydrus project would not be undertaken (http://bit.ly/gJzMkg).

Instead, a joint Anglo-French hydrodynamics research facility will be built at Valduc in France as part of the 'Teutates' collaborative programme on warhead physics research announced during the Anglo-French summit in London on 2 November 2010.

In response to previous questions Ministers had stated that Project Hydrus would “not now proceed as originally envisaged”, but had stopped short of admitting that that the facility would not be built. The AWE Local Liaison Committee has since been told that a Technology Development Centre – the UK's construction contribution to the Teutates programme – will be built on the site allocated to the Hydrus facility.

Cancellation of construction of Project Hydrus will result in short-term savings in spending at AWE.

Congratulations to Caroline and all thise who objectes to Hydrus. Lets stop throwing our scarce resources at weapons feom the cold war. Cut trident not services.

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