Monday, 7 February 2011

Support the Protests in Egypt

Across Egypt 1,000s of people are taking to the street in a attempt to topple the corrupt, undemocratic and authoritarian regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

Protestors are using peaceful protest and civil disobedience against a vicious military police state.

Show solidarity by contacting your Member of Parliament, and your Member's of the European Parliament, and ask them to voice support for the protesters. If you live in Wales, Northern Ireland. London or Scotland, contact your representatives in Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, London Assembly and Scottish Parliament.

The United Kingdom's democratic system, flawed as it might be, has been shaped by protest, whether it be the Levellers, the Chartists, the suffragettes, trade unionists, anti-war protesters, or any other movement that opposes unjust systems and laws.

Egypt is experiencing a turning point in their history where the people are now willing to resist oppression and corruption.

Support People Power and not Military Intervention.

Contact your political representatives at; writetothem; get them to voice support for the protests.


Ken said...

What right do we have to impose (or even urge) our will on people from other cultures? I find this arrogant and imperious.

Adrian Windisch said...

Nice one Ken.

I wouldnt impose my will on other countries, that would be dictatorship. They have had a dictator for 30 years, I am against them.

Does this make you pro tyrany?


At first glance I was tempted to applaud the Egyptians for their uprising against Mubarak but now feel forced to ask the question – is this a case of better the devil you know?

As is common following the demise of a dictator the country can and possibly will fall into civil unrest and potentially civil war.

Alternatively we may see a democratically elected Muslim regime stylie government take over which I make no comment on other than it would destabilize the region when considering Israel. I wonder?

Adrian Windisch said...

Its true Gideon, anything could happen. I would still rather not have a dictator.

However I would not advocate war (like in Iraq) in order to produce regime change.


Hello Adrian

Like Iran maybe?