Sunday, 27 February 2011

Reading Park-and-ride To Close

An Axe is hanging over a key park-and-ride service, where motorists can leave there car and get a bus into town.

Wokingham Borough Council's strategic director of resources, Graham Ebers, said: "We need to either negotiate an extension or look at other options for park-and-ride facilities. It is in their rights not to renew the lease. The park-and-ride is of considerable benefit for a number of our residents and it's in our core strategy to have one along the A329M, but there is nothing solid in regard to an alternative that I can tell you. The site, managed by Vinci Park Services UK Ltd, is not ideal because it is prone to flooding from the nearby River Loddon which can force it to close." When asked if he was confident the lease would be renewed, Mr Ebers said: "I can't say at the moment I am confident. I can't speak with any great certainty."

After its launch in 2007, there were up to 700 cars in the car park daily, compared to just 350 last year. The car park is run by selfish Showcase cinemas.
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Anne Stansted, from Earley, said: "This is truly awful news. When were they going to let us know, and what will replace it? I'll have to drive in but surely this will lead to more cars on the roads and I use the bus to avoid the traffic. There's also nowhere sensible to park near where I work."

Jackie Macgregor, from Winnersh, said: "I was not aware of this at all. I use this service about three times a week to get to work in Reading, so if it's scrapped I'll have no choice but to drive in. I think it will affect people hugely."

Peter Cane from Woodley added: "I use the buses every weekday to get into Reading. I can use the number 12 or 13 bus from Woodley instead, but it's much slower and I prefer this service."

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