Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Crime Website

You can look at a new website www.police.uk that shows crime hotspots. Its been overwhelmed today, but to find criminals I dont need this website.

I already know one address where lots of criminals work, the houses of Parliament. Something like half of MPs are guilty of illegally claiming expenses. Strangely they are not being arrested. Perhaps I should call the police.


Jonathan said...

Parliament square isn't the only place where crime levels appear to be under-reported. I've look at a few streets in Reading where I know for a fact that crimes have been reported to the police recently, and they are not shown on the site.

Adrian Windisch said...

I looked at a couple of newspapers that were full of examples of failures like the ones you mention. The site was too busy when I tries it, perhaps not surprising given the coverage.

So lots of disapiointed people, not the respinse Cameron was hoping for. I expect he was hoping this would disttact us from his many failures, including some justice over MP expenses.

Conclusion; government FAIL