Friday, 11 February 2011

Bunch of Criminals Vote

The bunch of criminals known as MPs have voted to stop criminals voting. About half of MPs cheated on expenses and got away with it. Most of the rest let them get away with it. And some are new and were not involved.

MPs have now voted to break the european law and stop all prisoners voting. Prime Minister David Cameron declaring that the idea makes him "sick". So obeying the law makes him sick, perhaps he should spend some time in prison. While the right wing media likes to focus on those who have comitted horrible violent crimes, many prisoners are inside for something far more minor. Getting into debt, drugs or alcohol problems.

A tribute to the MPs who disagree with Cameron.
Of the MPs who backed votes for prisoners, there was only one Conservative - Sir Peter Bottomley.

The remainder were:
10 Lib Dems
* Alan Beith
* Tom Brake
* Lorely Burt
* Don Foster
* Duncan Hames
* Simon Hughes
* Julian Huppert
* Tessa Munt
* Alan Reid
* Stephen Williams

All 3 Plaid Cyrmu MPs
* Jonathan Edwards
* Elfyn Llwyd
* Hwyel Williams

8 Labour MPs
* Jeremy Corbyn
* Barry Gardiner
* Kate Green
* Glenda Jackson
* Andy Love
* Kerry McCarthy
* John McDonnell
* Yasmin Qureshi

1 Independent MP
* Sylvia Hermon

The 1 Green MP
* Caroline Lucas



If 86,000 people in England and Wales voted for the BNP because they put into their manifesto that all prisoners should get free alcolhol on Sundays - could this make a difference to the number of BNP members of parliament?

Ken said...

What European law? I prefer democracy.

I also think you are insulting the People of this country when you label the people many of us voted for as criminals.

Adrian Windisch said...

That may well be the next bnp strategy Gideon. I doubt we will get any bnp MPs.

Ken, you may have missed it, but dominating politics for the last few years has been the expenses scandal.

I apologise to the people of this country that there are so many corrupt politicians. They had a chance to get rid of them, and the worst ones were removed.

Taking as an example, Jacqui Smith, claimed her sisters house as her main residence for £116,000 of our cash. She lost her seat last year.

More locally, Bracknell Tory MP MacKay was claiming a second home allowance for a home in London while his wife Julie Kirkbride, former MP for Bromsgrove, was claiming for their home in her constituency. Doubly corrupt. He was ordered to repay £31,193.

Former Deputy PM Prescott claimed £6,707.06 to cover external repairs to his constituency home in Hull in 2005, including supplying and fixing mock Tudor boards to the front gable.

David Cameron paid back £947 in excessive expenses claims. Mostly for removing wisteria.

Similarly George Osborne agrees to repay £1936 by over claiming on his mortgage. Sound financial background, not.

If you or I had wrongly claimed £1000 on expenses we would be prosecuted or sacked. In my view all MPs who wrongly claimed should be prosecuted or sacked. We are all in this together after all.

As for the European Law, we have signed up to the European human rights law, so it is law here, democratically.

CIA said...

@Ken's point
At what point did we vote for this law?

I have yet to see a reasoned argument for prisoner votes - perhaps you could oblige?

Adrian Windisch said...

I suggest you read the post. Or the commons debate.

We had the same amount of choice in this as in every law, we elect MPs who then vote for laws.

They voted through the law some time ago see

Jonathan said...

Gideon Mack,

If 86,000 prisoners are likely to vote for the "wrong" candidate, is that a reason to deny them the vote?

If you accept it is, then are there any other people you would like to deny the vote to on the grounds they will vote for the wrong person?

Ken said...

Adrian Windisch said...

"As for the European Law, we have signed up to the European human rights law, so it is law here, democratically."

We? Is that you and me?

This constitutional change was never put to a popular referendum and as such is it legitimate?

As I said I think democracy is far better than this.

Adrian Windisch said...

Its as legitimate as every other law. Though I may agree with you that our system has many faults, it is our system.



Where exactly in my comment did I mention the "wrong" candidate or denying anybody a vote? - Feel free to over-react.