Thursday, 27 January 2011

Save Our Forests

The Save Our Forests campaign has created a stir. Woodland Trust, save englands forests, #saveourforests on twitter, 38 degrees.

Involded in the campaign are Dr Rowan Williams; Carol Ann Duffy, the poet laureate; Dame Judi Dench, the Oscar-winning actress; and excellent author Bill Bryson.

The government has had to respond by bringing in the spin doctors and launching a "consultation". They're claiming that they love the forests too and there's nothing to worry about. They're asking for views on how our forests should be sold off - when most of us don't want them sold at all. Meanwhile they're quietly removing legal protections for our public woodland, paving the way for privatisation. What sort of a consultation is that?

If they want to know what we think, here it is: 38 Degrees members have already funded a national survey confirming that 84% of the public think our public forests should be protected for future generations. Our enormous petition of nearly 250,000 signatures - almost three times the capacity of Wembley Stadium - proves that people care enough to speak out. Now we need to get our message where the government can't ignore it.

Chip in to fund an ad in our national press here

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