Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Stand against racism

Your car is Japanese. Your pizza is Italian. Your wine is Chilean, Australian, South African. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your tea is Tamil. Your fashion is French. Your shirt is Indian. Your shoes are Thai. Your electronics are ...Chinese. Your vodka... is Russian. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together! Copy if u stand against racism.



Racism is obviously a past time of stupid people and old people. In England, if you really really consider yourself a true 'Brit' - you're actually a true German.

Adrian Windisch said...

Gideon why post an ageist comment on an anti racist post? Some older people are racist most are not. Just like everyone else.


Is there anything you don't take offence at?

Adrian Windisch said...

You think its ok to be racist? I dont.
Prejdice is wrong if it has happened to you then perhaps you would understand.

Adrian Windisch said...

Sorry for typos. Not meaning to be prejudiced against those who have not suffered prejudice.


How dare you accuse me of being racist.

You seem to think you're some kind of puritanical super hero scanning every comment for anything that you can become a surrogate offendee over.

I note on a previous post that someone called Shaun made what was clearly a throw away comment about 'let's all commit suicide' and you deliberately turned it round accusing him of telling you to commit suicide which he didn't.

You lack a sense of humour, you think you're 'Mr Morally Perfect' and you attack those foolish enough to comment on your site.

From your last post I note you also censor comments which is unacceptable.

Sean O'Hare said...


Thanks for the support. When I first visited Adrian's blog I thought just maybe this is one green that I could have a discussion with. Some points I made were light hearted, some not. There certainly appears to be a sense of humour failure on his part, so I shall restrict myself to deadly serious points in future and see how it goes.

Not sure about the censorship allegation though. Adrian put one of my comments back after it disappeared. Could just be Blogger playing up.


Sean - you're welcome. I've been accused of being a racist, sexist, homophobic and an ageist by Adrian to date so I'm running out of 'ists' to be.

It seems that all Greens seem to be surrogate offendees for some reason - weird?

Adrian Windisch said...

Gideon you made a comment about a black footballer that I did delete. I asked you not to post material thats offensive to my readers. Please respect my comments policy.

Sean said 'OK, Strong action is needed. Mass suicide it is then. You first, show us how it's done.' Thats pretty clearly aimed at me, Sean even apologised for it.

Adrian Windisch said...

If you post what sounds like a racist comment I will delete it.


You've done it again! You deleted a non racist comment and then my explanation as to why it was a non racist comment to make me look like a racist.

Pizza Hut asked four Bournemouth black footballers to pay in advance 'because of the way they looked' - read the papers and stop trying to make me look like a racist!

Adrian Windisch said...

I deleted a racist comment. Well done for finally writing about this without it sounding racist.

On you blog you accuse me of being offended. No.

I am merely stopping material that many will see as offensive being published.


Hello Adrian

In one comment you have justified my post ‘Offended’.

You proactively take it upon yourself to be offended on behalf of other people even though you don’t know who they are or whether they’re as thin skinned as you are.

You may find this hard to believe but I’ve never commented on your site with the intention of offending you. To disagree with you – yes, to criticise the Green Party – yes, but never to offend.

Adrian Windisch said...

I haven't accused you of being deliberately provocative. Or actually of being a racist.

However if I see language that may offend I will delete it. This is my comments policy, its not even that unusual.

Your blog has many factual errors, I point them out to you and you claim that proves you were correct. Sigh.