Friday, 3 December 2010

LD In A Pickle

How did they manage to get in such a mess?

Last night Danny Alexander failed to explain his position during Question Time last night. It was quite embarrassing to watch.

Today LD Cllr Gareth Epps calls his fellow party members fools!

Gareth was proud to be one of the 104 candidates against student fees, shame about the remaining 553. Thats a mere 19% of LD candidates who want to stick to their pledge.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Norwich South, Simon Wright, has said he will vote against the coalition government's plans to raise university tuition fees. What will the rest of the 57 LD MPs do?

There has been speculation that Vince Cable will vote against the policy he has written. He said "Obviously I have a duty as a minister to vote for my own policy – and that is what will happen,"

Gareth Thomas, the shadow higher education minister, said: "John Cleese could not have scripted this farce better than Vince Cable. The truth is these proposals weren't necessary, they're unfair and they don't offer a long-term sustainable system of support for students or for universities". Forgetting that the top up fees were Labour idea!

Flick Rea, a Lib Dem councillor in Camden, said: "I suppose it is part of the problem of being in government. We have to accept that nobody loves us any more." And there he may be correct, the LD are low in the polls.

Caroline Lucas, Britain's first Green MP, sponsored an amendment to an opposition motion on tuition fees in an effort to toughen-up Labour's critique and call to account Liberal Democrat MPs who have failed to honour their pledge to oppose increases in tuition fees.

Its exciting to see people who were bored or indifferent to politics till recently turn into activists.

There is speculation the LD offices will be targeted by student protesters. I am all for protest, but against violence. Its too easy for the media to focus on the violence and ignore the message.

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weggis said...

Why is it that "occupations" are carried out by those who don't have one?