Thursday, 23 December 2010

Heathrow Lessons On Capitalism

What a model of failure, its enough to make you question capitalism. Fair enough we did have one very cold night, but in the week since its not been so bad. Can we think of a motive for keeping the airport closed?

Firstly its cheaper than spending money on new equipment.

Secondly there are thousands of people squeezed in the airport with nothing to do but shop. I expext profits are up.

So if capitalism means keeping transport links in poor condition who wants that form of capitalism. The boss of Heathrow said he would not take a bonus, in another buisness he would have been sacked. He was offered help to clear the snow and declined! They might have sold a bit less after all.

BAA has for too long been a monopoly, at least they have had to sell Gatwick and Stanstead.

Other forms of transport were not so badly hit, when the snow came it was dealt with.

Planes are not a sustainable form of transport. Its becomming clear that they also put profit far ahead of passengers.

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