Monday, 6 December 2010

Ekaterina Zatuliveter

Ekaterina is in the news for being a possible spy for Russia while working in Parliament.

Below is a guest post from a friend who knows her.

EKATERINA ZATULIVETER is a lovely, generous, kind, helpful, competent, very bright young woman and completely unlikely to be a spy. She has been putting PQ's for NIS through Mike Hancock MP for several years on nuclear submarine safety issues and she organised my retirement do at the House of Commons where some of you will have met her. Katia has been in detention on suspicion of being a Russian spy since Thursday. Now at last, lawyers are on the case.

If you would like to write to the Home Office, MPs, the press etc etc please do. We are asking for:
immediate release
no deportation
due legal process

Letters of support for Katia can be sent via me as she does not want her whereabouts known as it might alert the media frenzie to her location.
Many thanks

Di McDonald
SO17 1DN
Tel: +44 (0)23 8055 4434
Mobile: 07880 557035


mr steveo said...

how did a russian get a job that has access to uk goverment documents?

Adrian Windisch said...

She must have had a good reference. And Russia is no longer the enemy; were all in this together.


This is a drop the dead donkey story - what was she leaking back to the Kremlin? How many ships we're not going to have next year?