Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cuts in Berkshire Councils

As expected the cuts are coming fast now. Pickles has announced cuts to councils across the country. Some people care saying Tory councils have been hit less hard than the others. See for yourself.

Council. Cut 2011/2 2012/3
Bracknell Forest 2.54% 2.52%
Reading 4.26% 3.63%
Slough 4.86% 3.62%
West Berkshire 2.04% 2.35%
Windsor and Maidenhead 1.06% 1.81%
Wokingham 0.63% 1.47%

Join the coalition of resistance. Cuts are not enevitable but are a political agenda. Cut things we don't want like trident, fossil fuel subsidy, tax avoidance from the wealthiest. Instead its the poorest that will be paying for the mistakes of bankers and lab/con economic policies.

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