Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cameron said Brown was the safest pair of hands at the Treasury for a century

One of the main themes of this government is that the cuts are necessary, and its all Gordon Browns fault. So the gushing comments, made when he was a backbencher, are a huge embarrassment.

Cameron said the then Chancellor Brown was "the safest pair of hands at the Treasury for a century! Whether they are for tax and spend or against it, all the pundits seem to agree that Mr Brown is one of the greatest chancellors since William Gladstone. The economic record in terms of growth is undeniable."

Perhaps Cameron thinks voters have short memories, for a decade his fellow Tories supported New Labour. But now they want us to think everything was Browns fault, and nothing to do with them. Similarly the LD, for so many issues the big three parties are the same.

The Greens are different, we are against the cuts agenda and would to put people ahead of business.

Adrian Ramsay said:
“It is unacceptable that young people will be saddled with these huge debts before they even begin paid work. Increasing the cap on fees will be socially divisive and risk a two-tier university system. Tuition fees, higher education cuts, job losses and cuts to social housing will all have a disproportionate impact on young people, at a time when youth unemployment is already high.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader and MP for Brighton Pavilion, labels the coalition government's public sector cuts as "socially divisive ... environmentally disastrous ... and economically illiterate."

She goes on to emphasise that our economic prosperity "may be built on rotten foundations ... the growth that has paid for our welfare state is built on the exploitation of natural resources, and on the exploitation of people here, and round the world."

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