Thursday, 7 October 2010

Woodland Trust DEFRA Consultation

You can take part in an important national consultation which will shape the tone of conservation policy in England for many years to come with the Woodland Trust here.
The Government asks 15 questions in total, the WT say the definitive question is:
"If you could choose just one priority action for the Natural Environment White Paper to drive forward locally, nationally or internationally – what would it be?"

They suggest:
The priority action I want to see driven forward by Government is the adoption of a target to double native woodland cover in the UK over the next fifty years.

Deforestation has led to the UK becoming one of the least wooded countries in Europe - and yet, incredibly, levels of woodland creation with broadleaved trees have even halved in the last six years. Turning this situation around is imperative.

Doubling native woodland cover involves planting trees and creating new woodland, protecting our existing woods and trees and sensitively restoring plantation ancient woods across the country. By making a positive contribution to so many environmental, social and policy agendas this offers genuine value for money at a time of enormous pressure on the public finances.

The ambition to double native woodland cover across the UK may be bold - but it is achievable with the co-operation of public, private and voluntary sectors and will truly reap benefits for the long-term. Enshrining a target to double native woodland cover into UK Government policy can make all the difference in helping turn this into reality.

Email your response to Defra

This is a chance to influence political action.
You can also see all 15 questions in this document by downloading the full summary, using the link to the right hand side.

Comments on the full document can be submitted through the Defra website, or mailed to:
Natural Environment White Paper Team,
Area 3D, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR.

Theres even a video from the Tory environment minister Richard Benyon MP (from nearby Newbury).

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