Friday, 22 October 2010

Maiden Erlegh RBC Education Provision

It seems there was an interesting local council meeting at the RBC.

There have been quite a few blog mentions, notably from Jane on ex Lab Cllr Richard Mckenzie who it seems behaved poorly. It seems he took pictures in the council chamber while complaining at Cllrs texting, then it got worse. I have been following his campaign about school provision, he ignores that Labour didn't provide enough capacity for education and blames WokinghamBC for looking into where there pupils are coming from. I joined his campaign group to support the parents and children but have been unimpressed with his attempt to hijack proceedings. I have in the past witnessed Mackenzies poor behavior but this may be a new low for him.

There is also a facebook campaign here.

Blogs discussing from the Conservative Cllr Richard Willis here. I have much more respect for Richard Willis but he seems fixated with painting Greens as being a mere support act for the Tories Labour, which we are clearly not. Perhaps he is hoping to deflect the LD being a mere support act for the Conservatives. Oddly he has chosen to continue some Labour policies himself, notably the Shinfield Road mess, not having the courage to follow the policies he campaigned on. It seems he is supporting Labour much more than we are, though he is in power in Reading while Labour and the Greens are in opposition.

Lib Den Warren Swaine here.

Labours Chris Maskell here.
And Richard Mckenzie himself.

Update; Rob White tells it from the Green perspective here.
Bunfight at the RBC coral?
(I also updated a typo, the ConDems say we are a support act for Labour not the Tories. Doh.


Jonathan said...

Possible typo?

I think Rick Willis is accusing you of being a support act for Labour, not the Tories.

Personally, I would prefer it if the councillors from all parties would stop the mud slinging and name calling and come up with some constructive proposals to deal with the problem, like for example creating more school places in Reading. At the end of the day, whether the Greens are or are not a support act for Labour, and whether Richard (Basher) McKenzie is or is not a violent thug makes no difference to what needs to be done about this problem.

Adrian Windisch said...

Indeed its a typo. I have heard Richard (and some LD) a few times try and paint the Greens as if they are exactly the same as Labour. It just isn't true, though on occasion we will vote the same way, as we would vote with the ConDems on issues where we agree.

Unfortunately the big three parties are far too similar. And far too many politicians focus on nasty politics, personal attacks and negative spin. I hope you will agree I like to discuss the issues rather than the

Adrian Windisch said...

Missed a bit there.

I try and focus on issues not personalities. After a few years in politics I have leaned that there are good people in all parties, to pretend that being in a party makes you automatically wrong is just silly.

Adrian Windisch said...
the story continues here and in Janes blog