Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ConDem Promises Worthless

A summer of broken promises:
- Increasing VAT when Tories said they had no plans to and the Lib Dems vigorously campaigned against such a rise
- Repealing the Human Rights Act
- Protecting the Winter Fuel Allowance
- Building the Summary Care Record database of medical data
- Removing tax breaks for the computer games industry
- make it a criminal offense to possess or bring into the country illegal timber
- changes to feed in tariff

- Scrapping child benefit
- 5 year fixed term Parliaments
- giving power of NHS budgets to GPs (after promising not to reorganise the NHS)
- a referendum on the Alternative Vote (a voting system that no one party is in favour of)
- increasing fees for students (LD promises to the contrary)

Even worse is the Conservatives election promises to pay for nuclear weapons that will never be used (while saying cold war weapons will be abolished).


Cllr Gareth Epps said...

Adrian, isn't it time you checked the facts before posting? The Human Rights Act hasn't been abolished, and fixed-term parliaments was in our manifesto.

You'd be more credible if you didn't make things up.

Adrian Windisch said...

Follow thw linka in the post and you will find what is being referred to. Gareth even you ate admitring that 80 percent of these claims are correct. So you are supporting a coalitipn of broken promises. Yet you keep your critocism for me!

Adrian Windisch said...

Poor spelling, using my phone. Please ignore typos.

Cllr Gareth Epps said...

Adrian, you are ascribing comments to me that I have not made. I referred to two palpably untrue comments you have made, and ignored the rest of the nonsense you posted.

I've now looked at the link which appears to be run by a load of your Green Party chums. All it seems to prove is that the rest of your party is as cavalier with the facts as you are. It ensures nobody takes you seriously and will ensure your continued irrelevance.

Adrian Windisch said...

Gareth, as you seem unable to read the comments in the ukhumanrightsblog I have pasted them below.
Typically you have not proved a single point, rather you just went for the nasty personal attack. As before I will not respond at your level, but I state that this says more about you than me.

"Lord McNally, the minister of state for justice, has told the Liberal Democrat Party conference that the Justice Ministry is looking at the Human Rights Act, not to “see how we can diminish it”, but so it can be “better understood and appreciated.”

There will be, he said, “no retreat” over human rights. His comments have been reported as “likely to anger” backbench Tory MPs, who have “long criticised the HRA”."

Adrian Windisch said...

And what prejudice! If I found a site I agreed with I would link to it, even if it was LD, Tory or Labour.

The truth is what is important, not some sort of narrow party political point scoring.

Cllr Gareth Epps said...

Adrian, you are the one deliberately making false claims about me - that's the 'nasty personal attack'.

You are - as usual - selectively misquoting blogs to come up with fictional accounts on matters of policy. Your blog states, for example, that Lib Dems in Government are going to repeal the Human Rights Act. Your comment with quotes from Tom McNally shows that this is absolute garbage.

You also claim that Child Benefit is going to be scrapped - something you know to be untrue.

I will respect you more when you deal on facts and not fantasy in pursuit of your own petty point-scoring. Meanwhile I will not hesitate to correct you when you are wrong, as I believe in politics based on facts and honesty.

Adrian Windisch said...

SOut of your own mouth comes these comments Gareth. You seem to be your own worst PR. I suggest you think before commenting. A few months ago you did the same thing, a nasty unprokes attack. Now you attack me while cliaming I am attacking you. Read the thread.

The LD peer said he was going to change the human rights act while the Tories say they will ditch it.

The other broken promises you dont dispute. I suggest you turn your anger against the condems who have not kept their word. VAT, child benefits changes, trident, nuclear power, PR voting, feed in tariffs and tuition fees. The list grows ever longer.

Adrian Windisch said...

From the last GE. Gareth Epps then LD PC for Reading East wrote 'The fact is that anyone our LD members select to fight Reading West will have much firmer green credentials than Lab and the Tories could muster between them and the credibility lacked by the maverick Green candidate there.'

I was the Green candidate. I think being called a Maverick could be a compliment, suggesting I have no credibility isn't.