Saturday, 30 October 2010

Boris Retratcs Ethnic Cleansing

Boris Johnson characterises housing benefit changes as "Kosovo-style social clensing" in London - "the last thing we want to have in our city is a situation such as Paris where the less well-off are pushed out to the suburbs. I'll emphatically resist any attempt to recreate a London where the rich and poor cannot live together," he said.

Then Boris apologised for his comments describing housing benefit cuts in London as "Kosovo-style social cleansing".

So what does Boris really think of these draconian Tory policies? He is well known for standing up for the city millionaires, lest see if he can represent the poorest too.

David Cameron claimed more than £1700 per month in mortgage interest for two years, and more than £82000 for his second home over four years. Thats £20,500 a year!

ConDems want housing benefit capped at £250 for a one bedroom flat in London when MPs can claim vastly more than that for their second home allowance. A single MP will be able to claim about £385 a week for a one bedroom flat.

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