Saturday, 14 August 2010

Labours Costly Legacy

I was reading a Labour Peers comments about how much is wasted on the EU. Aparently Herman van Rompuy, with his staff, travel expenses and salary, costs £5m.

Labour Peers know lots about waste. The Olympics budget went from £2.4 to 10 billion. Cold war weapon trident will cost £100 billion to replace. ID cards would have wasted £18 billion. PFI schemes may cost us an extra £50 billion. Britain's destructive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost many lives, damaged or reputation, made the world less safe, and cost £4.5bn a year.

Lets not forget its Labout that got us this EU president anyway. Aparently the new EU President will earn €350,000 a year, taxed at 25 percent, and will have a staff of 22 press officers, assistants and administrators, in addition to 10 security agents.

Even Peers cost £300 a day in expenses, and we have far too many. Perhaps Lord Stoddart should do the decent thing and retire.

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