Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cuts To Child Protection database closure could put children at serious risc

ContactPoint £235m government database containing the records of England's 11 million children is being switched off.

It was established in the wake of the Victoria Climbie child abuse case to aid child protection. The Victoria Climbie Inquiry heard 12 points when authorities could have made a difference.

The Database closure could put children at serious risk, warns NSPCC. The controversial system was beset by delays, technical problems and fears over security.

But the NSPCC said: "We are concerned that the government's decision to shut down ContactPoint before a suitable replacement is in place could lead to vulnerable children being seriously harmed. Numerous reviews into child abuse cases have shown vulnerable children are at serious risk when professionals fail to share information speedily and effectively.

"It is vital we have a system that allows concerns about children to be spotted and acted on rather than being allowed to fall between the different agencies working with them."

The coalition government argued the system was disproportionate to the problem, so is looking at developing other solutions. Within two months of the switch-off all the data collected for the system is to be destroyed.

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