Saturday, 12 June 2010

Suggested Cuts ConDem

The ConDems are asking for suggestions on what to cut.

Start with nuclear weapons, subsidy of nuclear power, airport expansion and road building.

Intersting post by Craig Murray here suggesting we cut embassy staff within the EU.

Our Embassies in EU countries remain among the biggest and grandest we possess, reflecting the days when our shifting bilateral relationships with European nations were literally matters of life and death, war and peace. They are magnificent and madly over-staffed by crazily over senior people. They are a great relic of a bygone age, institutions so grand that their overwhelming presence masks their lack of purpose.

Be radical. Large Embassies in EU member states should be cut to eight diplomats (Paris, Bonn) small Embassies to four diplomats (Copenhagen, Dublin). Let's move into the 21st century.

Then theres the Queen. Do we really need so many palaces? I can understand a holiday home in Scotland. But even with that, theres a few that can be sold.

The Royal Residences
Buckingham Palace
The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace
Palace of Holyroodhouse
The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse
Balmoral Castle
Sandringham House
St James's Palace
The Chapels Royal
Clarence House
Kensington Palace

Then theres the house of Lords, cut most of them too.

Do not cut vital services, cut things we dont need; and let those who can afford it pay up.

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