Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Reading Politics, New Mayor, New Coalition

I went to the mayor making ceremony at the old town hall in reading yesterday. Labour wore red roses the Tories were in gowns. All just a bit over the top.
Reading Mayor Making
The event started with a procession of people, the audience stood up in respect. We had just sat down when they played the national anthem and everyone had to stand again.

Cllr Tony Page proposed Cllr Gul Khan as the next mayor with one of the most dull speeches in the towns history. It was something to do with Gul driving a taxi as requested, quite astounding. Gul was seconded by Cllr Chris Maskell who at least was brief. We learned that he had been on a jolly trip to Pakistan for 5 days. Fab.

They voted on it and it was unanimous. The first vote of Green Cllr Rob White.
Rob Mayor Making

Meanwhile just like the national parties the Lib Dems have sold out what little principle they had and joined the Tories. They say power corrupts. At least nationally the Tories were the largest party, they had some legitimacy in joining with a smaller party in forming a coalition. In Reading Labour are the largest Party, so the ConDem local coalition has a wiff of 'coalition of losers' about it. Not that Labour deserved to be the largest party, they seem to be resting on past glories rather than looking at the big issues of the day.

All three of these big parties back road development schemes such as the proposed third bridge over the Thames near my home. Previous such schemes such as the Newbury Bypass have seen increased levels of traffic; the Lib Dems were in charge when it was built and have since lost power in Newbury.

On many issues its just the Greens in opposition, now we have a Cllr in Reading, and an MP in Parliament. What an exciting time in politics.


Jonathan said...

The Tories got more votes, and Labour got more seats. The Lib Dems believe in proportional representation, so consider more votes to more more important tham more seats. I think they are being consistent in following their own standards.

Adrian Windisch said...

The Tories believe in FPTP so should consider the one with the most seats the winner. The LD say they believe in PR but have settled for STV, which is a poor choice.

Any coalition is of course possible, but when Labour were in talks with the LD nationally, people didn't like the idea of a 'coalition of the losers'.

What was so bad about having a minority administration?