Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Brian Haw Arrested This Morning

Brian Haw, the anti-war protester camped outside parliament, was arrested this morning as police cleared demonstrators ahead of the Queen's speech.

It's been 3279 days since the start of Brian's protest on 2 June 2001.

A witness reported seeing Haw being handcuffed by officers opposite the Houses of Parliament where he and other peace campaigners maintain a round-the-clock protest.

Police with sniffer dogs moved to search the tents on Parliament Square before the Queen arrived to announce the new government's plans. 'While in opposition, the Tories promised that they'd evict Haw should they get in power, so in a way it's surprising they've taken this long to do it.'

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said two people were arrested at 8am "on suspicion of obstructing police". She did not confirm whether Haw was one of them.

Haw first set up camp in June 2001 in a one-man protest against war and foreign policy – initially, the sanctions against Iraq. He said he was inspired to take up his vigil after seeing the images and information produced by the Mariam appeal, an anti-sanctions campaign.

Haw only leaves his campsite to attend court hearings and survives on food brought by supporters, who include the former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn and activist and comedian Mark Thomas.

The 60-year-old father-of-seven, from Redditch, Worcestershire, has been arrested several times. The Greater London Authority, which owns the land, says it has been "increasingly concerned by the ongoing mess and chaos".

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ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...

Good la........................................

Jane Watkinson said...

What makes this even worse is that the government are making out that we are seeing such a high level of reform that it resembles the Great Reform Act 2 - totally disconnected from reality. It is already clear that one of the coalition agreements:

"- The restoration of rights to non-violent protest."

is already being violated. So live democracy hey?

Adrian Windisch said...

That was bizarre, Clegg the 'great reformer', he isn't even Prime Minister.

The Greatest reform since 1832, but he missed out women getting the vote, perhaps he didn't think that was important.