Thursday, 8 April 2010

Save the Children's Poverty Kills Childhood Campaign

I support of Save the Children's Poverty Kills Childhood Campaign. I am sure that all children, wherever they are born, deserve an equal chance to grow up healthy and fulfil their potential.

Child poverty still threatens the futures of millions of children at home and abroad:

• 1.7 million children live in severe poverty here in the UK
• 8.8 million children in the world’s poorest countries die every year before their fifth birthday

Families living in poverty face impossible choices, others have none at all.  Some parents in the UK have to decide whether to pay their heating bills or put a decent meal on the table. Other parents, in poor countries, face the prospect of losing a child because they can’t afford to pay a doctor to treat them.

The economic crisis has only made this worse. Those responsible for the crisis should also play a role in ending child poverty.

The next government should:
• end severe child poverty in the UK and make sure that children in poverty have the chance to do as well at school as other children
• make sure overseas aid works to save the lives of the millions of children in the world’s poorest countries who are dying every year because of poverty
• championing a Robin Hood Tax - a tiny tax on bankers that would give billions to help poor children.

Poverty kills childhood. Help to end it now by signing up to show your support here

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