Sunday, 18 April 2010

Negative Campaigning Posters

It often happens in elections that things go negative; I thought I would compare this nasty poster with some older ones. Somehow if they are funnier I think they work better, this lacks humour, in my opinion Brown has done a poor job as PM but this will not damage him.

The much criticised Labour attack poster; Tory pigs fly. It was seen as having racist connotations due to Michael Howards religion, though this may have been unintended.

Another famous Labour poster, Tory 'Mr Boom and Mister Bust', I think the Tories should be reminding voters of Browns part in this.
Tory boom n bust

Ok its a bit rough, but hows this for an idea? Lab Boom And Bust.

This famous Tory attack poster 'New Labour New Danger' has Blairs demonic eyes
new labour new danger

Another famous Tory attack, 'Labours Tax Bomb'
Tory Tax Bomb

And another tax bomb
Tax bomb 2

I don't recall this at all, forgettable.

This is just nasty, even one of their own candidates was offended.

I thought this was funny
Baby Osbourne

Just to show Greens can go negative, here is one called 'Old News' used in Brighton
Old news

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