Saturday, 13 March 2010

Slogan Generator; Every Party Needs One

It seems every Party has a new slogan this year.

Cons "vote for change"

Green "Fair is worth fighting for"

Lab "A future fair for all"

Today the LibDems unveiled "Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain" . Its a bit of a mouthful, and seems to include most other parties slogans. Perhaps preparing for a hung parliament? Clegg even made some jokes about wearing a red tie also.

I thought I would help them by suggesting a few alternatives:
'Change we can fair believe in'
'Working For Fair Change'
And with the Slogan generator.
To Change Britain Fairer.

Slogan Generator


howard thomas said...

Possibly 'preparing for a hung parliament' would be a better choice slogan for the Libdems!
Or maybe 'which bed to jump into'!

howard thomas said...

Or how about'lets go bust with Gordon'
or 'I've got no poicies , but make me PM please' Dave

howard thomas said...

make that policies

Adrian Windisch said...

Very good Howard, made me laugh.

bob smith said...

I found another awesome generator slogans generator I thought it worked great! it seemed the other members might like it too.