Friday, 12 March 2010

Pictures From Reading West Hustings in Tilehurst

Tilehust Hustings Ricky Duveen LD, Naz Sarkar (Lab), Bishop Stephen Cotrell , Adrian Windisch (Green), Alok Sharma (Cons)

Ricky Naz Bishop Ricky Duveen LD, Naz Sarkar (Lab), and the Bishop.

Tilehurst Hustings Adrian & Bishop Bishop, Adrian Windisch (Green)

It was very entertaining, I will write more shortly.

The Bishop of Reading was an excellent Chair, putting us all on the spot. It was much better than the bikering that happened on the weekend. Shame Daisy couldn't be there, I was interested to see her position on the environment. Cllr Duveen was a decent substitute.

Some excellent questions from the audience, tough to answer.

Some highlights; Naz saying the UK were leading the way with Wind Farms (we are
Wind power accounts for approximately 19% of electricity use in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and 6% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland. The UK are near the worst with 2%.

A anti wind campaigner asked about wind noise, I said I've stood below the Green Park Turbine and it was quiet, particularly as the M4 nearby is so noisy and close by.


howard thomas said...

Who is the chap siiting on the right of Naz the fool?

Adrian Windisch said...

I added names below the pics.
Shame you weren't there Howard.

howard thomas said...

Ah yes , Ricky.....nice chap

Don't worry about me Adrian, I,ll see you soon