Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pincents Hill Plan Thrown Out

The Pincents Hill Plan has been thrown out to rapturous applause; it was always controversial to build up to 750 homes on the edge of Reading.

West Berkshire Council's planning committee members followed their officers' recommendation to reject Blue Living's outline application for a minitown on Pincents Hill at Tilehurst, to the delight of an audience of around 200 people packed into the main hall at Little Heath School.

The developer failed to show up, instead sending solicitor Steven Turnbull who incensed councillors and officers by accusing them of being uncooperative and politicising the planning process in a cheap attempt to win votes.

Councillors labelled the developer "arrogant and disgraceful" adding: "Members take exception to the inference that they have not come here with open minds. We do not pre-determine planning applications."
Planning officer Clive Inwards recommended the application be rejected for a variety of reasons including its failure to adhere to the council's policy of protecting the strategic gap between Tilehurst, Calcot and Theale.

He concluded: "The application proposes inappropriate and unjustified development on a green-field site outside of the current settlement boundary. Material considerations do not outweigh the general presumption against development in the countryside."

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